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We know that what you are going through is complicated and difficult for others to understand. There is no single solution to the problem of addiction in America because there is no single reason or cause for it. Alcohol Treatment Centers Madison may assist those who are battling an addiction and wish to find the necessary tools that may lead to a successful recovery. We match addicts with treatment facilities that are the perfect fit based on information presented to us through an initial intake patient assessment.

What we know about addiction is that it is a chronic, debilitating disease that affects millions of Americans each day. We know that the effects of this disease are both psychological and physical, that it has an impact on both family and finances. We know that its effects go past the individual and into their communities. Did you know that the American economy loses half a trillion dollars each year due to alcoholism and drug addiction? It’s true.

Between the loss of work productivity, hospitalization, law enforcement, and incarceration, billions of lives are lost that can never be recovered. If you place this with other diseases it is up there with major diseases like heart disease and cancer. Part of the problem is that we have treated this as a “vice” only, and not the disease that it is. When all that awaits someone is punishment, it’s much harder for them to reach out and get help.

However, as groups like the AMA push to put addiction into the national conversation and define it as a treatable chronic disease it legitimizes the addiction treatment through insurance providers as employers are covering alcohol and drug rehabilitation in their benefits packages. Inpatient programs have seen a rise in admissions as insurance policies began to cover treatment. As a result, treatment modalities have increased and with them extended sobriety rates.

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Multi-modal therapy program allows addicts access to a variety of therapies and treatment options. Programs not limited to but including chemical drug detox programs, inpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient therapy. Each program and step is an essential part of recovery that takes the addict through detoxification to relapse prevention.

The key towards relapse prevention programs are based on the principle of developing coping skills. By utilizing these coping skills throughout every day life, a recovering addicts will be more likely to handle situations without feeling the need to abuse addictive substances. These coping skills are the essential foundation by which recovery stands upon. Without these skills, an addict will imminently relapse.

Treatment professionals provide a thorough assessment of each patient before prescribing treatment and work with the patient to gain agreement on what those treatments will be. As the patient progresses—or regresses— treatment can be modified. The addiction counselors and therapists at a high-class drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will modify the treatment plan as need. As long as the patient remains 100% committed towards living a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, then and only then can they recover effectively.

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We see our call center as an outreach program and a method of sharing our help when someone can’t find an addiction treatment center. Our staff is very knowledgeable and will help you with whatever you need with respect to how to find the best treatment for you. If you are concerned for yourself of a loved one, seek help immediately. We can help you in your search for rehab centers.

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